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The issue being addressed

In the Caribbean, there are valuable books, eBooks, research documents, videos and other documentation of the work of  Caribbean people and those of the diaspora, in the areas of  Project Management, Business Management and Life Skills  but there are no available listings of these writings.

Often these sources of information are known in the individual countries but listings are not available across the Caribbean and certainly not in our book stores or libraries. Government web sites, websites of international agencies, universities and a few others give books and other information in these areas but accessing the information on these sites often pose a problem.  

As university lecturers, the text books we use are mainly written by persons outside of the Caribbean and the examples, etc., focus on these countries and their issues.  While much is relevant to business and project management anywhere, there is often the need to adapt some of what is in them to our situations in the Caribbean.    In addition, in the area of project management, there is insufficient documentation of our projects on which millions are spent and we often use foreign case studies. 

We need to address these gaps of information, not only to better prepare our students for the business and project management environment in which they have to operate, but also to facilitate the sale of the work of these Caribbean persons.


The importance of these three area

Project management

Is a major vehicle for bringing in changes in this global and fast changing environment,

Business Management

Is needed to ensure our survival, help us to pay our bills and move our economies forward,

Life Skills Development

Can reclaim some of our people who seem to be going astray and empower all to live more fulfilling lives

The rationale for the website

To document

To build a database of information and information sources for writings of Caribbean persons and those of the diaspora in the areas of business management, project management and life skills

Provide a marketing platform

This will provide a platform for the writers/publishers wishing to use the website to display their books with possible links to their websites, social media, etc., or even to Amazon where they can be sold.

To ensure ready access

It is difficult to find listings of these books even in our nations’ libraries. As university lectures we purchase foreign books and adapt them in our teaching.  These listings will give us access to books tailored to our needs

To have a blog

There is the need for a blog that focuses on the cross- cutting issues affecting the Caribbean and in particular its lecturers and students.  This is especially necessary in online teaching that seems to be the new normal since the covid-19 pandemic.

Encourage writings

Encourage the packaging and merchandising of much of the research, unfinished books, and life skill material – skits, plays, poems, etc. that are sitting on our shelves unfinished

About us

We are a group of Caribbean persons committed to facilitating more regional writings in the areas of project management, business management and life skills development, so that issues relative to  Caribbean people and those of the despora can be easily distilled.

A call for volunteers

What can you do?