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The Linkedin Group – Business, Project Management and Life Skills writers of the Caribbean

The Linkedin Group (pixabay)
The Linkedin Group- Pixabay


The group is seeking to obtain regional information in the areas of:


  • Project management – a major vehicle for bringing in changes in this global and fast changing environment;.
  • Business Management– to ensure our survival, help us to pay our bills and move our economy forward, and
  • Life skills Training – that can reclaim some of our people who seem to be going astray and empower all to live more fulfilling lives.


The information we are hoping to marshal on the Internet- the main vehicle for information- must be in a form that the ordinary man can understand, appreciate and act on.  Our best practices, our experiences, etc. must become common, shared knowledge. 


 As we seek to protect what we have, at least the fact that we did it should be known to help us to refute later claims by other persons that they invented/created it.


Too many of our people have died with knowledge of doing so many things and that information was never recorded. Part of the problem is a lack of trust and part a lack of opportunity.   I was told of someone who prepares herbs for cancer patients and has had some success in dealing with cancer, but he is not willing to share what he is doing even with his family.  When he dies, it is lost. It may make a difference if he could be assured how to protect and monetize his discovery/knowledge.


The above mentioned group has to:


  • Encourage persons to write and publish material on the above areas
  • Bring information about what is available in the above areas to the attention of persons seeking such information- In all areas there are already books/articles written by Caribbean persons.
  • Provide information with a Caribbean Focus taking into consideration the culture, history and other aspects of our islands and write as much as is possible at a level that the ordinary man can understand
  • Help persons to effectively utilize the main source of communication and information that our students are tapping into – the Internet
  • Encourage the packaging and merchandising of much of the research, unfinished books, and life skill material – skits, plays, poems, etc. that are sitting on our shelves unfinished
  • Provide a link to existing data bases of information be they libraries, data bases of organizations, etc. The link can give details of available information or lead the person searching to the relevant website


There is a lot of interest in life skills training and that area is critical given what is happening in the Caribbean today but the main focus of the group is not to get together and write books, even if we can (and possibly will) but to encourage everyone out there to start or continue writing in a more focused way.

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