Call for Caribbean authors

Call for Caribbean Authors

Where are the Caribbean Authors?

Call for Caribbean Authors
call for caribbean authors


We recognize that in the Caribbean, there are valuable current writings available on Project Management, Life Skills and Business Management and often these sources of information are known in the individual countries but not across the Caribbean. is seeking to display information of books, videos, podcasts, and literary writings of Caribbean persons with a link to where these items can be purchased.  This is to facilitate the sale of these items.

Interested writers can either fill out the submittal form on the website or send an email to us.  We will contact you and guide you through the process or input your information on the website for you.

 The information required from Caribbean authors is:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. Title of the Book, ebook, podcast, video, etc
  4. A short summary of the book, ebook, podcast, video
  5. The link to where the book, ebook, podcast, video can be purchased
  6. A picture of the book, ebook, podcast or video

Several items can be included in one email.

Can Members please place this request on their facebook pages.

For a display of current books you can visit Authors on the website


Theresa Frederick