Cross Cutting Issues





This area has been put on the website to address cross cutting issues that face many Caribbean Islands.  Considerable time and resources are being spent to address these issues.


The Caribbean Leadership Project  (CLP)* will be addressing, throughout its life cycle, such cross cutting issues as Gender Equality, Environmental Sustainability, and Good Governance.

  It noted that the CLP will strive to:

  • Integrate gender equality analysis into the content of the learning programmes designed for senior leaders in national governments and regional organisations, and in other aspects of the project;
  • Support senior decision-makers to develop and improve skills to analyse gender as a cross-cutting issue and to be leaders in ensuring that gender equality perspectives are included in planning and implementation;
  • Ensure that leaders and future leaders fully understand and are actively committed to supporting principles of gender equality in all aspects of government including human resources policies and practices;
  • Raise environmental awareness for policy-makers at various levels;
  • Support the dissemination of findings in sound environmental practices throughout the Caribbean; and
  • Focus on enhancing internal governance effectiveness and efficiencies that will support the sustainability of the learning from the LDP as well as other Project activities.

It referenced :–Themes#sthash.GYRHsXPp.dpuf


caribbeanwritersmarketplaceThis website will address these and other such issues that the Region is grappling with.