Database Submittal Form


The following Submittal form is to be used by persons who are interested in helping us to build our data base of information.  They can be a mix of writers and users.

Where the information is not public knowledge/information and /or persons have  rights to the information, the person who wants us to carry the information has to ensure that we have the right to display the information on our website. Website material is defined as – books, e books, poem, videos, blog posts,podcast, audio, links or any other material submitted.


What is displayed on the site. can approve or not approve the placing of content on the website based on our internal policies.  Everyone is urged to read the Memorandum of Understanding on the main menu.   This gives aspects of our policy that are to be noted.


Re Completion of the Form

  • When entertaining Document URL’s please verify the address and enter the entire address.  Cut and Paste works best but if it is typed cross check the typing.
  • Give the whole title of the material.
  • The description area requires a description of the material and it should not be more than three lines.  
  • The whole name of the material should be given.  
  • Your complete email should be entered.  Enter only one email. 



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