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Welcome to Caribbean Writers’ Market Place


We are a group of Caribbean persons committed to facilitating more regional writings in the area of Project Management, Business Management and Life Skills Training.

Our vision is to provide a high ranking on-line market place where Caribbean writers can make their products and coaching services available.  For our purposes we have defined Caribbean writers as any writer who is born in the Caribbean, writes and lives in the Caribbean, are of Caribbean parentage or writes about the Caribbean.

The Books, videos and training material of Caribbean writers will be displayed under “Authors” in the top menu.  They will be displayed by country and will have a brief on the book and a link to the location where the books, etc. can be bought e.g. Amazon. Displaying your books and material on this website will be at no cost to the publisher/writer  and does not in any way interfere with his/her ownership of the book or right to use any other marketing media to get his/her material sold

This website can be used in the following ways.  You can:

  1. Locate books, articles, videos, games, plays etc. and go to the link that states where the books can be bought and purchase them.
  2. Use our links library to access documents/books, etc. that are not on our site.
  3. Register your books and other writings with us.
  4. Assist us in getting access to writers and their material.
  5. Assist us in updating the information on the site by bringing to our attention broken links, changed addresses or additional information you may want us to include on the website

This site is still being developed and we are looking for material on:

  • Books, eBooks, videos, Podcasts, Literary works and training material in the three mentioned areas,
  • Information on important and topical issues in these areas and ways to resolve them and best practices and lessons learnt in the Caribbean
  • Current information on the business environment in the Caribbean – you have to have the right/authority to place this information on our website
  • Support systems that exist for businesses/persons in the Caribbean
  • Relevant training / mentoring/coaching
  • Links to data bases of Caribbean information e.g. libraries, websites, news, etc. Please note that it is not the intent of the site to duplicate information on other data bases.  In these cases we will provide a link to the information.


Please assist us in spreading the word about this website by placing a link in your social media network.  Also Join or LinkedIn group, Business, project Management and Life Skills writers of the Caribbean.