How do persons and businesses survive in this global environment?

Contributed by Theresa Frederick  –


Is your life one of continuously jumping over hurdles?  Let’s create the roadmap so that you can move in the direction of your dreams and become the person you have always dreamt of being.

Today many jobs are being lost not because of retrenchment, downsizing, closures but because those job functions no longer exist.  Technology, the fast rate of change, the global environment and many other factors are causing such changes.   Machines are replacing manual labour.  Robotics have caused the decline of many jobs in the manufacturing industry.  The Internet and electronic mail have drastically reduced the need for the provincial “mail man”.  Many jobs in the airline industry have gone especially those related to booking flights as this can be done online.

What is happening in your industry?  Do you know?  Are you monitoring the trends, etc?  is you business product/model still relevant to the times.  Organizations have entire departments that are concerned with scanning the environment and recommending strategies to reposition them so that they can continue to be sustainable.

I went to church and my pastor in a sermon asked us whether we had done strategic plans for our lives.  I was shocked because you do not expect discussions like this to come from the church pulpit.  He went on to show through the scriptures that God was a long range planner.  Nothing was by chance.

Even strategic planning has changed. Years ago we spoke of ten year strategic plans.  Now we are talking about roll over planning. You have to, with each year reevaluate your plans to determine whether they are still relevant.

For individuals to survive they have to do what corporations do.  In this global environment your competition, even for a job, may be someone sitting miles away in India who is able to do work that you will normally be retained to do.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Until all you can think of is jumping.  You can use the very tools organizations use to reposition yourself.  This site is dedicated to helping you to develop the tools to reposition yourself in this continuously changing environment.  My years in business, Life skills experience and experience as a Corporate Planner for an Agricultural Development Bank have equipped me to help you on this journey.  The first consultation is free.  You have nothing to loose.