Life Skills Books


Health and Family Life Education – TEACHER TRAINING MANUAL The purpose of this manual is to provide regional coordinators with materials and resources to conduct in-country teacher-training on two unit themes in the Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) Common Curriculum


Listing of Caribbean titles 2011–  Regional ISBN Agency Documentation Centre Caribbean Community Secretariat.  This has a listing of books, authors with relevant ISBN number.


Amazon’s collection of over 70 pages of life skills books–  This will have a mix of books Caribbean and others


Barnes and Noble’s collection of over 1000 pages of life skills books-This will have a mix of books Caribbean and others


Life Skills Curriculum document by Ceronne Prevatt Life Skills Technical Consultant www liberation practice,  This can be downloaded from the website.

National Life Skills with literary curriculum for personal envelopment and employment enhancement- The curriculum is available online


Life Skills On-Line Sustainable Money Management Module–  another document of Ms Prevatt and her team