This memorandum of Understanding is between http://www.caribbeanwritersmarketplace.com, hereinafter called the Service Provider – a website that   promotes   the   writings of Caribbean persons and contributors to the website be they the author, publisher or person duly authorizes to place the material on the website with the intent of having it displayed for sale, hereinafter called the publisher/writer


Both parties agree that:

The publisher/writer may submit books, videos, eBooks, podcasts, poems, blog post, audio presentations, etc. to the Service Provider on the condition that they have the authority to do so without prejudice to any previous written agreements they made.

The Publisher/writer authorizes the Service Provider to display the book, video, etc. and his/her bio and other relevant material on its website.  Display will be at no cost to the publisher/writer  and does not in any way interfere with his/her ownership of the book or right to use any other marketing media to get his/her material sold.  The Service Provider will however accept any payment that the bookstore/retail place wishes to make for the referral.

In order to properly display it on the website and refer potential buyers to the place where they can acquire it, the Service Provider must be supplied with a picture of the book/video, etc., a short synopsis of what the material is about and a link to the website where the book/video, etc. is being sold.

The Service Provider is only facilitating the marketing of the book and will accept no responsibility for its sale. No sale transaction will take place on caribbeanwritersmarketplace.com’s website.

By allowing the books and other material to be placed on the website, The Service Provider does not guarantee its quality or endorse its contents.

The Publisher/writer’s responsibility

The Publisher/writer confirms that the contents of the books do not violate any law.  Responsibility for any breach of the law rests with the Publisher/writer.  It is the responsibility of the publisher/writer to ensure that material is not libelous and does not infringe any copyright or other rights to the material.  The publisher/writer further confirms that the material does not violate any rights of privacy of individuals and is not capable of harming the user and indemnifies the Service Provider against any such liability.


Please note that:


The Service Provider reserves the right to approve or reject material submitted for placement on the website.  In the event that there is a dispute as to ownership of the material or any contentious matter with respect to it the Service Provider may remove the book/material from the website.  It is not the responsibility of the Service Provider to investigate any claims of ownership or breach of a former agreement attached to the material being placed on its website.

By making a request to join the catalog and have your books etc. displayed on the website of http://www.caribbeanwritersmarketplace.com, the Publish/writer acknowledge that he/she has read and understood this memorandum of agreement and agrees to its terms.

For further information you can email us at belinda@caribbeanwritersmarketplace.com.