sign-36980_6402She was brought up in a very loving home, both parents, a grandfather who lives nearby, and they all loved her.  But then at age 5 her world was shattered, daddy was gone.  At age 8 the news was brought to mom and the siblings that dad, who had left  to find a way of making a better life for his wife and three children, and had found work aboard a ship, was dead.  She would listen at nights to her mom crying herself to sleep, wondering what would happen to her and her children. 

Almost 5 years had passed since the sad news reached her ears.  Then it happened, one day she came home from school and there was her dad sitting in the house,very much alive.  Her parents never discussed what happened, but he took her and her brother away to Barbados, and left her younger sister with her mom.  After being in Barbados for 2 plus years, they were sent back to her mom, stayed there for 7 months, before her dad came and took her back to Barbados again.  After some time she returned once again to her mother.

She is now 13years, and the beginning of her nightmare.  Her mom now has someone else in her life, (since there was no connection with her husband since he first left, no support, no relationship, they were just separated, gone their different roads in life.  Her step father (not married to her mom, since there was never a divorce with her parents) turned out to be an abuser.



Orementa Murphy

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