Our vision is to provide a high ranking on-line market place where Caribbean writers on business, project management and life skills can make their products and coaching services available

The Mission is to achieve our vision by:

  • Having a high ranking website
  • Hanging out where the target groups hang out
  • Having very strong marketing for the writers
  • Having relevant training 


This website is seeking to address the need to:

  • know across the Caribbean what books are available in the areas of Project Management, Life Skills Development and Business Management, areas critical for the social and economic development of the region. We know that there are valuable writings available in these areas but often these sources of information are known in the individual countries but not across the Caribbean.
  • Have much of the required information available in a form that can be easily understood. Government web sites, sites of international agencies, universities and others give information on Project Management and Business, but some is not in the form that the average man can understand and often accessing the information on these sites often pose a problem.
  • Have more of the material used at our Universities reflecting and explaining our current Caribbean situation. A lot of our available information/books etc. used in our Universities is from sources outside of the Caribbean, often written by persons whose focus is on their country, not ours.  Google and other searches on the internet for project management issues in the Caribbean often yield newspaper articles that may just describe what is happening, and do not always delve into the reasons for problems being experienced. The information we are hoping to marshal on the Internet- the main vehicle for information- must be in a form that the ordinary man can understand, appreciate and act on.   Our best practices, our experiences, etc. must become common, shared knowledge.
  • Encourage more persons to produce books, videos, podcasts, poems,  etc in these areas. We have to develop more life skills material that can assist young persons to deal with the many issues they face.  Much work has been done in the Caribbean in the area of literature and the industry is well developed.  More needs to be done in these areas.  At Universities as lecturers we modify the information to present it but often we do not go further to write our own books/produce our own videos, etc.
  • Provide a marketplace for Caribbean writers and their writings so that they can benefit financially from their work.
  • Have a platform to discuss important and cross cutting issues in the Caribbean such as gender equality, environmental sustainability, etc.


We intend the site to be the marketplace for persons who have been writing content – Book, eBook, video, Poem, Blog Post, etc. and have something to sell on a marketplace.  Writers have been defined as persons who are born in the Caribbean and produce some type of material in whatever form, writers who have been living in the Caribbean and those who were not born in the Caribbean but write about the Caribbean.