We are a group of Caribbean persons committed to facilitating more regional writings in the area of project management, business management and life skills. so that issues relative to the Caribbean can be easily distilled. These three areas are critical to the development of the Region:

  • Project management – is a major vehicle for bringing in changes in this global and fast changing environment,
  • Business development- is needed to ensure our survival, help us to pay our bills and move our economy forward, and
  • Life skills facilitation-  can reclaim some of our people who seem to be going astray and empower all to live more fulfilling lives.



We recognize that in the Caribbean, there are valuable current writings available on Project Management, Life Skills and Business Management.  However, often these sources of information are known in the individual countries but not across the Caribbean. Government web sites, sites of international agencies, universities and a few others give some information on project management and business, but some is not in the form that the average man can understand. Accessing the information on these sites often pose a problem.  At present a lot of our readily available information in these areas is from sources outside of the Caribbean, often written by persons whose focus is on their country, not ours.



A team of persons dedicated to the cause has been formed to manage the website and thus realize its mission.  This team is made up of  writers and users who have volunteered their time to this venture.   

Writers are persons who have been writing content – Book, eBook, video, Poem, Blog Post, etc. and have something to sell on a marketplace. The idea of having writers on the core team is to realize the vision/mission of the Caribbean writers marketplace and we needed to get a broad groups of persons with experience in this area to help set up the site, but it is expected that many other persons will contribute writings/oral presentations, etc. to it.

Users are those persons who come to the market place to get information or to buy something. These persons have been chosen as they can inform of what persons will be looking for on a market place and in what format. They represent the clients in this venture.