We blog to inform Caribbean persons of matters in the realm of Project Management, Business And Life Skills that are important for them to be aware of as such knowledge can assist them to transform their lives and/or businesses.  We will also incorporate in blogs important and cross cutting issues in the Caribbean today such as gender equality and environmental sustainability.


We blog because in the Caribbean many universities, colleges, etc. teach project management but there are many failed projects. There are many support institutions for businesses but many businesses fail. There are some sources of information in these areas in the region on Government websites, websites of International Agencies, a few locally owned regional websites, newspaper articles and a few reports such as the UFF report into the Construction Sector in Trinidad and Tobago.   There is however not enough information available on the Internet, that is in a form that the average man can understand or access.

This website will expose Project, Life Skills And Business Management issues in a simple way and inform of ways that they can be handled.


We are blogging:

  • To inform existing and potential entrepreneurs of issues in business and project management and ways to resolve them
  • To inform the readers of issues that they need to take into consideration as they try to reposition themselves to keep in line with the ever changing environment
  • To inform readers of best practices and lessons learnt so that they can adopt the good lessons/ best practices and avoid repeating mistakes of others – the bad lessons
  • To build a network of persons interested in the success of businesses and projects in the Caribbean, who are willing to work to ensure that the Caribbean develops in these two areas
  • To communicate in a manner that is transparent so that readers will be willing to look to this site as a source of information
  • To expose the readers to relevant training / mentoring/coaching that can address their concerns/problem areas or just assist them to move to another level in their business and/or career
  • To create a written legacy for our immediate family, as well as future generations Like this:


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