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The following Submittal form is to be used by writers who are submitting their information to be placed on the website. A writer is anyone who made the material they are requesting be placed on the website and/or anyone with the authority to place the material on the website. Material is defined as – books, e books, poem, videos, blog posts,podcast, audio, or and other material submitted to be displayed on the site.

caribeanwritersmarketplace.com can approve or not approve the placing of content on the site based on our internal policies.  The first time a writer is submitting information he/she has to send with it a signed copy of the Memorandum of Understanding.  This can be an electronic copy with an electronic signature and should be followed later by two hard copies, one of which will be signed and returned.


Re Completion of the Form

  • When entertaining URL’s please verify the address and enter the entire address.  Cut and Paste works best but if it is typed cross check the typing.
  • Give the whole title of the material.
  • The description area requires a description of the material and it should not be more than six lines.  This is to ensure that persons get a proper idea of what is being presented.
  • The author’s entire name has to be given.  You can also give title and credentials.
  • There is the need for a picture of the item to be displayed along with information on the item.  Please upload a picture that is not more than 600×600.
  • Your complete email should be entered.  Enter only one email.

Please note that instead of inputting each book onto our website, you can send us the information via email and we will put it on for you.  Please note that which ever system you use all the required information ( see form) has to be given.

email us at belinda@caribbeanwritersmarketplace.com.


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