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Yes you can write – Caribbean writers wanted

Yes you can write

A Forum for Caribbean Writers

Welcome to Caribbean Writers Market place, a website dedicated to promoting more Caribbean writings. We are seeking to address the perception that the root to the problem of not enough regional information being on the Internet is simply that Caribbean academics are not producing enough.  

We believe that the Caribbean should be able to produce regional information on projects, business, life skills and other areas and have it or its contact information available and easily accessed by persons in the Caribbean and worldwide.

The reality is that we continue to live off foreign material and feed our students from the experiences of others which in many cases have now become our own. 

Why cannot the Caribbean have its own version of or Google scholar or just a data base of regional writings?   Our collection does not have to be limited to research material. We can start with short stories, articles, information about who has written what and a short summary of it, etc.

There is a place to show case your work

Caribbean Writers Marketplace is targeting you. It is a website dedicated to providing a market place for Caribbean writers. 

This website is to be one in which you can either locate books, articles, videos, games, plays etc; by persons born in the Caribbean and/or those who write about the Caribbean.  We are of the view that if those documents cannot be found on the website there should be relevant links that can point a user to where they can be found.

We are looking for books, articles, etc. in the areas of project management, life skills and business.

Our vision is to provide a high ranking on-line market place where Caribbean writers on business, project management and life skills can make their products and coaching services available.

In this regard, we are seeking persons who will help us promote the website

Our mission is to achieve our vision by:

  • Having a high ranking website
  • Hanging out where the target groups hang out
  • Providing very strong marketing for the writers

Some of what we are looking for include writings that focus on informing persons of or exposing them to:

  • Life skills training materials
  •  Important and topical issues in business and project management and ways to resolve them
  • Best practices and lessons learnt in project management so that they can adopt the good lessons/ best practices and avoid repeating the bad experiences.
  • The ever changing nature of the business environment
  • Support systems that exist for businesses/persons in the Caribbean
  • Relevant training / mentoring/coaching that can address their concerns/problem areas or just assist them to move to another level in their business and/or career
  • Links to data bases of Caribbean information e.g. libraries, websites, news, etc.