Yes you can write

Yes you can write – Caribbean writers wanted

Do not believe that you do not have any material to work with

That is not true. Your life experiences will provide a lot of material to work with.

Take the time to view the above video.  It will be worth it

I recently did an online course where the coach is making much money just packaging what he has tried in his life and what has succeeded.  Every strategy he thought of or template he designed then is a product. 

He keeps revisiting what he did and modifying as necessary but he has something to sell and is actively selling it. One of the central things being taught now is to go to the customer to refine your business model.   You cannot have reached where you are without succeeded at something.  Make that available to help someone!

Caribbean writers need to position their work up front in the search engines.  We have to feed Caribbean people with our information. We can share what has succeeded for us and the environment needed for such success.  However, we must caution that persons not run headlong into disclosing all their information free.

Any suggestions you have on the way forward for the group will be greatly appreciated.  You may visit the group to see its profile which will give additional information.  Some relevant websites of team members include;;; and

Once you have written a piece, the wide coverage and helpful feedback will inspire you to keep on writing. Many of our young people join school library groups. Let’s provide a platform for them on the web. Let’s get this site off to a good start and let’s start earning money from our writing.